University Apartments

UCLA’s University Apartments are off-campus housing for undergraduates, graduate students, students with families, faculty, and visiting scholars throughout Westwood and the West Los Angeles area. We encourage everyone living in the University Apartments to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle by referencing the Green Guide to Sustainable Living shown below. Your participation is vital in making UCLA Housing a leader in sustainability.


  • Low flow showers and faucets
  • Dual flush toilets
  • ENERGY STAR appliances
  • Donation bin program
  • Produce program
  • Several buildings are LEED certified, including 720 and 824 Hilgard, Weyburn Terrace, Landfair Apartments, Glenrock Apartments, and Levering Terrace
  • Composting is available in Hilgard, Landfair and Landfair Vista, University Village, and Keystone/Mentone Apartments

The University Apartments South Residents Association promotes sustainability through their Green Coordinator, who puts on programs and provides resources on sustainability within the apartments.

Past Projects

University Apartments partnered with LADWP in Summer 2013 to replace refrigerators and toilets with more efficient units. 1,260 new energy efficient refrigerators were exchanged for existing units 10 years or older and have the potential to save residents $112 per year. 4,760 toilets at 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf) are on track to be replaced with 0.8 gpf toilets, with an estimated savings of 4 million gallons of water annually.

The ENGAGE Project was an effort to support the mission of the University by providing a venue for a living laboratory. The UCLA Department of Electrical Engineering and the Institute of Environment and Sustainability collaborated with UCLA H&H’s University Village apartments to investigate how real-time energy consumption feedback can be used as an effective tool for energy conservation.