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Plan Target: 25% sustainable food purchases by 2030.

A sustainable food system considers the full cycle of the food we eat—how it is grown, harvested, packaged, transported, and then disposed of—and ensures the food we are eating is good for our bodies, our communities, and our planet.

Did you know…

UCLA has three drop-off points for community supported agriculture (CSA) boxes

 The benefits of a more plant based diet

UCLA has three main food providers on campus: Associated Students UCLA (ASUCLA), Housing & Hospitality (H&H), and the Ronald Reagan and UCLA Medical Centers (MC). Each provider is responsible for implementing initiatives and tracking progress towards the UC-wide goal of sourcing 25% of food sustainably by 2030.

In light of emerging research on sustainable food, UC has shifted sustainable food criteria to align with AASHE STARS for the on campus facilities, ASUCLA and Housing & Hospitality. Notable differences include the de-emphasis on strictly “local” as a criteria and focuses instead on plant-based foods and thoroughly vetted sustainability certifications. As a result, many items being purchased no longer qualify under this bolder, new policy. These changes reflect the growing body of research on the environmental impacts of food systems. The medical centers follow criteria by Practice Greenhealth which does still include local foods. For these reasons, there were greater differences in sustainable food spend between 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 fiscal years. The medical centers also have a target of 30% sustainable spend by 2030 due to these differences.

To learn more about the AASHE STARS criteria for sustainably produced, ethically produced, and plant-based purchases, please visit their Food and Beverage Purchasing guide.

To learn more about the Practice Greenhealth criteria for sustainable food and beverages, please visit their Healthier Food Purchasing Standards.

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