InterActions LA 2021

Economic relief to individuals is playing a major role in helping people in LA make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic. Expanded unemployment payments and sporadic federal relief checks provided cash to people struggling to make rent and buy food. These pandemic-related cash supports are drawing attention to the role that guaranteed income programs can […]

La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science Annual Lecture

Join us for a live stream of the 2021 Annual ‘La Kretz Center Lecture’ which features our first decade of UCLA La Kretz Center Postdocs. The event will highlight our panelists’ current conservation work and goals.Our postdoctoral program has been one of the main accomplishments at the La Kretz Center. Our awardees are an incredibly […]

COVID: Taking the Journey Together (A Guided Conversation)

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to leave many of us grieving all that we've lost in its wake. We might find ourselves longing for a much-needed hug, the holding of a fearful hand, or the joy of sharing a belly laugh with one another. There is also the uneasiness & fear of living with uncertainty. How do I make plans for the future? Where will my […]

Now, More Than Ever: Movement Building for Climate, Racial, and Health Justice

This is the third session of the series: Now, More Than Ever: Movement Building for Climate, Racial, and Health Justice. There has never been a more critical time for advancing health, equity and social justice while addressing climate change. This session will focus on the synergies between climate and racial justice movements and their promise […]

Municipal Green Building Conference & Expo

Our 2021 theme is The Time is Now! The unprecedented events of 2020 punctuated the urgency of the climate crisis, the pervasiveness of racial inequities and environmental injustices, the deep impacts of housing unaffordability, and the vulnerability of our societal systems to handle extreme disruptions. “The Time is Now!” is a recognition that our actions to […]

Queer Migrant Futures: Joy, Kinship, & Soul-Based Connection

Love and laughter are essential to sustain our visions of futures beyond settler colonial borders. Join us on zoom for performances of poetry, song, and movement by acclaimed queer migrant artists Alan Pelaez Lopez, Yosimar Reyes, and Soultree. As we journey to a place of spirit and soul-based connection where joy, care, and kinship are […]

Coastalong Festival

Stay tuned by following @Coastalong on Instagram for their upcoming virtual music and sustainability festival on May 22, 2021! There will be live music, speakers, and events to foster the connection between sustainability, music, and our UCLA community.

Freedom and Fugitivity

The closing event of the Sanctuary Spaces Sawyer Seminar, Freedom and Fugitivity, thinks across Black feminism and Indigenous studies to foreground “beautiful experiments” of flight, refusal, and rebellion. Featuring: Saidiya Hartman, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University; 2019 MacArthur Fellow In conversation with: Aisha K. Finch, Associate Professor of Gender Studies and African […]

UIC Summer Institute on Sustainability & Energy

About SISE The Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy (SISE) is usually described as an annual two-week "boot camp" on energy and sustainability — but it’s much more. SISE is a “we,” a community invested in broad issues related to energy, the environment, and sustainability, and a space that values diverse people, disciplines, perspectives, and experiences. Within this […]

Net Zero Conference 2021

The Net Zero Conference is back in 2021 as a hybrid event: Tuesday 9/14 + Wednesday 9/15 | Virtual Educational Sessions, Keynotes, and Expo Thursday 9/16 | The Terrace at L.A. LIVE Limited capacity in-person Expo + Trailblazer Gala The 8th annual Net Zero Conference on net zero, zero carbon, and climate resilience includes: World-class […]