Sustainability at UCLA is an effort that brings together the work of students, faculty, and staff alike. Since 2004, the Sustainability Committee, comprised of representatives from across campus, has provided the leadership and coordination for this effort. Dedicated staff members within the Office of Sustainability and across campus have been able to expand the scope of the program and pursue long-range planning and implementation. If you have questions or suggestions regarding sustainability programs at UCLA, please contact the email below or reach out to any specific staff member. If you are contacting multiple staff members, please copy on one email rather than sending separate emails, to help us with coordination.

Nurit Katz
Chief Sustainability Officer
(310) 825-4637

Bonny Bentzin, LEED AP
Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer
(310) 206-6667

Christophe LaBelle
Sustainability Analyst
(310) 206-6667

Brianna Moncada
Sustainability Manager, Housing & Hospitality
Office (310) 825-5873
Mobile (310) 905-7550

Liz Kennedy
Director, ASUCLA Ethical Labor and Sustainability
(213) 503-4482

Sarah Brockhaus
Sustainability Programs Manager, UCLA Health
(424) 946-5649

Noah Bidna
Sustainability Analyst, UCLA Health
(310) 267-0336

Chatura De Silva
Sustainability Coordinator for Community Clinic Network, UCLA Health
(310) 562-3310

Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander
The Green Initiative Fund Grant Coordinator
(310) 206-0703

Jade Goegebuer
Zero Waste Manager
Facilities Management

Todd Lynch
Principal Project Planner, Capital Programs
LEED and Green Buildings Expert
(310) 825-8313