UCLA Sustainability Plan

The Sustainability Plan will help develop a sustainable, healthy, and resilient campus

UCLA has a long history of sustainability leadership — from early energy efficiency efforts and the formation of the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability in the 1990s, to the establishment of the Sustainability Committee in 2004 and the launch of the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge in 2013. To make sure that we practice what we teach, in collaboration with others across the University of California, we have established ambitious institutional goals through the UC Policy on Sustainable Practices (PDF)

In support of these efforts, UCLA has developed many plans and initiatives including a Sustainable Transportation Plan, Carbon Neutrality Plan, Water Action Plan, Zero Waste Plan and more. For the first time, we have brought all of these together into a comprehensive sustainability plan for the campus that bridges academics, operations, and community engagement. The plan highlights the intersections of planetary and human health, and begins the work to ensure that equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice are integrated in our sustainability policies and programs.

Let us know what you think

This draft UCLA Sustainability Plan (PDF) represents the work of hundreds of staff, faculty and students; more than 800 people contributed to the plan through workshops, focus groups, and other means. Now, we welcome even broader campus input over the coming month. You can view the plan (PDF) and submit your comments on it via an online form. Please review and share your thoughts by February 7.

The challenge of developing a sustainable, healthy, resilient campus and world has never been more urgent, and achieving these ambitious goals will require our whole community to engage and take action. The plan includes some good places to start for you and your departments or organizations.

If you have any questions, please contact our Office of Sustainability at sustainability@ucla.edu. Thank you for doing your part to support sustainability at UCLA and beyond.