Green Events

Hosting a Green Event can be easy and extremely impactful

With over 10,000 events on campus each year, keeping sustainability in mind can make a huge impact on the way we use resources and generate waste. Hosting a Green Event means committing to making sustainable choices when planning an event, and announcing to attendees and the campus that your event will be less wasteful, more considerate of the environment, and compliant with all of our UCLA sustainability policies. Being a certified Green Event also comes with great benefits including access to additional venues, funds, and marketing.

Green Event Certification

Follow the steps below to get your Green Event Certification and get access to our Green Events Seal as well as our other great benefits. Your guests will be delighted to know that they are attending an eco-conscious event where they can learn more about sustainability and help protect the environment. For additional questions, please reach out to

1. Download and complete the Green Events Certification Questionnaire.

  • Instructions and resources are included.
  • All action items must to be completed to get certified.

2. Submit your completed Questionnaire through the Green Events Certification Form.

  • Make sure to submit the Questionnaire as the original Excel spreadsheet.
  • NOTE: **You must submit your application at least two weeks prior to your event/when you need approval for an application.**

3. Follow instructions in the email you receive from UCLA Zero Waste.

  • If approved, you will receive an email confirmation with your Green Event certificate and further instructions.
  • If denied, you will receive an email about how to correct your application and resubmit.

4. Host your Green Certified Event.

  • Make sure to take photos of the required action items to provide visual evidence of your Green Event.

5. After the event, complete the Post Event Follow Up Form.

  • Provide feedback and visual evidence for your Green Event.
  • Make sure to submit within 15 business days of your event to continue receiving Green Events benefits.