Seeing Sustainability Blog

Seeing Sustainability is an initiative to promote transparency, share our work, and connect Bruins who are interested in environmentalism.

  • Watch and Learn
    Bored at home? So were we… Until we realized that we could learn more about sustainability and the climate crisis […]
  • The Post-Pandemic Future of LA’s Air Quality
    The air quality in LA has undeniably improved as a result of reduced use of greenhouse gas emitting vehicles during […]
  • New Quick Tips Youtube Video
    UCLA Carbon Neutrality Initiative Ambassadors Sonia Aronson, Devon Bhakta, and Avishek Ghosh just released a new youtube video with quick […]
  • Farmers’ Market at UCLA!
    Did you know that there is a Farmers’ Market at UCLA every other Wednesday? You can purchase fresh produce from […]
  • UC Fully Divested from Fossil Fuels
    UC has become the largest educational system in the United States to divest from fossil fuels and shift toward renewable […]
  • Selling Food In Styrofoam
    Avoid styrofoam packaging and containers when selling food for your student organization. Please support UCLA’s commitment to being an entirely […]
  • Phasing Out Single-Use Plastics
    Announced January 24th, UCLA has released a draft policy to phase out single-use plastic beginning July of this year. First […]