Sustainability at UCLA is an effort that brings together the work of students, faculty, and staff alike. Since 2004 the Sustainability Committee, comprised of representatives from across campus, has provided the leadership and coordination for this effort. More recently, dedicated staff members have been able to expand the scope of the program and pursue long-range planning and implementation. If you have questions or suggestions regarding sustainability programs at UCLA, please contact the staff below.

Nurit KatzNurit Katz
Chief Sustainability Officer
Executive Officer, Facilities Management
(310) 825-4637


Bonny Bentzin, LEED AP
Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer
(310) 206-6667


Erin Fabris
Sustainability Manager, Housing & Hospitality Services
(310) 825-5873


Sara Lindenfeld
Sustainability Programs Manager, Health System
(310) 210-9062


KatieZellerKatie Zeller
Sustainability Coordinator, Recreation Sport Venues & Event Operations
(310) 825-4546


pzimmermanPatty Zimmerman
TGIF Grant Coordinator
(310) 206-0703


Todd M Lynch photoTodd Lynch
Principal Project Planner, Capital Programs
LEED and Green Buildings Expert
(310) 825-8313