Green Labs

Sustainability at UCLA reaches every corner of the university, from training our future leaders with the skills to face complex global sustainability issues, to solutions for our operations throughout the campus housing, medical centers, classrooms and all of our other facilities. UCLA and the UC System are working towards a number of significant sustainability goals that are set forth in the UC Policy on Sustainable Practices.

Laboratory facilities are absolutely essential to these efforts. Not only are they critical in supporting UCLA’s leadership role as a world-class research institution, but they also represent the university’s single-largest consumer of energy and water on a per-square-foot basis. Laboratory users represent the first line of defense when it comes to reducing UCLA’s environmental impact as an institution and are key stakeholders in ensuring UCLA continues to achieve its ambitious sustainability goals.

Green Lab Certification

Interested in what your lab is doing well and where it can improve when it comes to sustainability in your research?

Green Labs at UCLA will work with you to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your lab’s current practices; we’ll then provide recommendations and educate lab members on how best to reduce your environmental impact. After a 3 month implementation period, you’ll be reassessed, and hopefully, certified.

Green Lab Resources

Maintain or Update Freezers

If your lab has an older ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer you are looking to replace, there is money available to help you purchase a new, more energy efficient one. Sign up for our Freezer Rebate Program, and Green Labs at UCLA will get in touch quickly!

Please also consult (and put on your freezer door) our Freezer Maintenance Guide  for general tips on how to keep your ULT freezer running in tip-top shape, like taking inventory of your samples or clearing frost on from the door seals, or contact with your questions.

If you follow these recommendations, make sure to participate in the International Laboratory Freezer Challenge and get a chance to have a photo feature and mention in the journal Nature.

Waste Disposal

Utilize the UCLA Environment, Health, & Safety Hazardous Waste management resources, pick-up services, and drop off-location when working with hazardous waste.

Request electronic lab equipment recycling or battery bucket service through the Recycling Request Form.

Download lab specific recycling and composting signage below. Additional waste related resources and signage are available, and general information, including information on centralized waste, can be found on the UCLA Zero Waste page.