Freezer Rebate Program

Did you know that UCLA Green Labs will give you cash for replacing an old ULT Freezer?

UCLA Green Labs can help you upgrade your old ULT Freezer to a more energy efficient model. To participate, check the following criteria for eligibility and fill out the short interest form below.

  • Your lab has retired/is retiring a ULT freezer that is >8 years old
  • Your lab has used departmental funds to purchase the new ULT freezer (not grant funds).
  • Your lab has removed the record of the retired ULT freezer on UCLA’s Asset Management System. Provide a screenshot or other documentation in the form.
  • Your lab has purchased an Energy Star listed ULT freezer of same or smaller size as the retired freezer. Your new ULT freezer is NOT a chest freezer.
  • Your lab has purchased a ULT freezer that includes an alarm that notifies you of its condition in real time, or plan to purchase one to be installed with your freezer.
  • Your lab has reviewed and made visible the Freezer Maintenance Guide and agrees to make best efforts to adhere to its suggestions (e.g maintaining an inventory and map of valuable frozen samples, removing frost from door seals regularly)
  • Your lab agrees to participate in the UCLA Green Labs Certification program

Once your old ULT freezer has been retired and your new one has been delivered, fill out the freezer rebate application.

After you have confirmed your eligibility and purchased a new ULT freezer (from accepted models shown below), our team will work with your lab to disburse a rebate according to the attributes of the new freezer.

Freezer Size$ for EnergyStar Freezer
Consuming <0.35 kWh/day/cu-ft
$ for EnergyStar Freezer
Consuming 0.35-0.45 kWh/day/cu-ft
< 700 L (24.7 cu-ft)$2000$1500
>/= 700 L (24.7 cu-ft)$3000$2000

With our initial funding, we expect that we will be able to help around 40 labs replace their old ULT freezers. In the future, we are also considering offering rebates to labs who are only purchasing an additional (and not retiring) a ULT freezer, or giving cash incentives to labs to simply retire old ULT freezers. 

Please refer to the flowchart below to better understand the process of getting a rebate for your new ULT freezer. Feel free to email with any questions or comments you might have!