Climate Justice in the US: The Search for Equity

This panel will examine efforts to address climate change at the national level through the lenses of environmental justice and human rights, looking especially at efforts to push for equity […]

Waste Not Want Not Kitchen

Does composting stink? Is there an alternative to non-stick? Do you really need all those paper towels? Join Friday Apaliski, Sustainability Concierge, live from her own kitchen as she shares […]

Interesting Urban Insects

At the Botanical Garden, insects can be observed pollinating flowers, moving seeds, and so much more. Have you ever stopped to wonder what’s flying, crawling, and wriggling around our city? […]

Africa’s Readiness for Climate Change Forum

UCLA Africa's Readiness for Climate Change (ARCC) forum as a VIRTUAL conference event is scheduled from Monday, April 19th - Friday, April 23rd. We have confirmed the same incredible Keynote […]

2021 UCLA Anderson Impact Week Conference

UCLA Anderson’s Impact Week celebrates our community’s commitment to creating a more equitable, just, and sustainable society. With a theme of “Power to Change,” Impact Week 2021 will spotlight ideas, […]

Cooking Classes with Impastiamo

Pick your country and join us for a virtual online cooking class to learn sustainability tips and tricks to fight food waste at home. First ten people to make a […]

UC Center for Climate Justice Launch Event

The Center for Climate Justice is a University of California system wide initiative to address climate change as a social justice and equity issue. Climate justice recognizes the disproportionate impacts […]

California Climate Action Summit

The climate catastrophes we saw in 2020 have made one thing clear: We must speed up our action on climate solutions. California has always been a national clean energy leader […]

Saving Rare Plants of CA with Holly Forbes

In honor of Earth Day, Garden Curator Holly Forbes will shine a light on the various ways the Garden is involved in native California flora conservation efforts. The Garden holds […]

Unpacking The Plastic Crisis

Join us before the screening of Plastic Bag Store: The Film for a dynamic discussion exploring how local environmental policies disproportionately impact BIPOC communities, and how a new generation of activists are […]

Plastic Bag Store: The Film

All CAP UCLA online performance programs in our 2020-21 Season will be free, click here to create a login for CAP UCLA Online.  Created by award-winning Brooklyn-based artist, puppet designer and director […]