Phasing Out Single-Use Plastics

By Nikita Sridhar

UCLA Carbon Neutrality Ambassador

Announced January 24th, UCLA has released a draft policy to phase out single-use plastic beginning July of this year. First thing they’re tackling: “food accessory” items, like plastic utensils, cup lids, bowls, and plastic bags.

Having UCLA, a premier public higher education system, act as a trailblazer for the movement will set an important example to other universities and legislative bodies alike. When presented with a plastic spoon or fork, even students who are environmentally conscious may slip up in favor of the convenience of these items.

Institutionally changing infrastructure surrounding single-use plastics is vital in ensuring sustainable solutions are accessible to all.

If you haven’t yet, check out this episode from the UCLA x Vox Climate Lab series to learn more about how detrimental and pervasive the effects of single-use plastics are, and other ways you can do your part and go green!