Updated May, 2015

Completed Projects, Certification Level

  1. La Kretz Hall, NC-Silver
  2. Public Affairs Building, EB-Silver
  3. Police Station Replacement Building, NC-Silver
  4. 720 Hilgard Graduate Student Housing, ​NC-Silver
  5. 824 Hilgard Graduate Student Housing, ​NC-Silver
  6. Spieker Aquatic Center, NC- Gold
  7. Young Research Library Renovation, CI-Gold
  8. Hedrick Hall, CI-Gold
  9. Clinical and Translational Research Center, CI-Gold
  10. Rieber Hall Renovation, CI-Platinum UC-Equivalent
  11. South Campus Student Center, NC-Gold
  12. Holly and Gardenia Residence Halls, NC-Gold
  13. Hershey Hall Seismic Renovation, NC-Platinum
  14. Wasserman Building – Core & Shell, CS- Gold
  15. Terasaki Life Science Replacement Building, NC-Silver
  16. Rieber Dining – Feast, CI-Gold, UC-Equivalent
  17. Weyburn Terrace, NC‐Gold
  18. Pauley Pavilion Renovation & Expansion, NC‐Gold
  19. Kinross Graduate Fitness Center, CI‐Gold
  20. Dykstra Hall, NC‐Gold
  21. Fielding School of Public Health Renovation, CI‐Platinum
  22. Boelter Hall Laboratory Remodel, CI‐Gold
  23. Sproul Cove, Landing, and Presidio, NC‐Gold
  24. Landfair Graduate Student Apartments, NC-Silver
  25. Glenrock Graduate Student Apartments, NC-Silver

LEED Campus Map May 2015