What Goes In The Bins?

Note that all cardboard boxes must be broken down and flattened for servicing. If it cannot fit inside the recycling receptacle, neatly stack the boxes in a pile and place them on the side of the recycling receptacle.

UCLA Health System recycling information

For help with managing hazardous waste, please visit: UCLA EH&S Hazardous Waste

Students and Los Angeles residents can visit the UCLA S.A.F.E Center to dispose of any universal or hazardous waste.

The University of California is established a goal of achieving Zero Solid Waste by 2020. Read more about this commitment by visiting: UCOP Sustainability: Programs and Initiatives.

Waste Receptacles Provided By UCLA Facilities Management

Mixed Recyclables

Available for public spaces only (e.g. halls, corridors, classrooms) for communal use. Laboratories and departments must purchase their own waste receptacles if the waste receptacles are not placed in a public space for communal use. Serviced by FM Custodial Team during their regular cleaning schedule.

Slim Jim

Brown Battery Bin

Best when placed in common areas or copy rooms. The bin can capture all used household batteries. Submit a request form for service. Bins are serviced at no cost to on-campus state-funded campus departments. FSRs required for off-campus buildings.

used battery

Waste Bin Requirements

As campus updates and standardizes infrastructure, Facilities Management has published a Waste Bin Requirements document is available to ensure that departments purchasing receptacles meet Facility Management’s Scope of Work and have consistent messaging. This document provides guidance on placement of waste receptacles and offers options for waste bins that meet the requirements should a department need additional or alternative bins.