Bulky items, Furniture and Other Reusable Surplus Material



Submit FSR for Pick Up. (Click Here to Submit FSR)

For issues with active property ID tags, please contact Material Management.




Cardboard – All boxes should be broken down.



Small amounts can be places next to blue bins for pick up.

Medium amounts – email recycling@facnet.ucla.edu for pick-up.

Large amount – Submit and FSR for pick-up. (Click Here to Submit FSR)



Construction Waste



Submit a Facilities Service Request (FSR) for pick-up.(Click Here to Submit FSR)

Please note: 72 hours’ advance notice required. for pick-up




Compost Waste



Dining Facilities currently have compost waste management programs.

What’s up with other buildings on campus?

Managing collection stations and storage while maintaining a healthy pest and odor free campus is challenging in a large complex organization such as UCLA. Diverting organics out of the landfill is a critical component of our zero waste goals. In the future piloting break room program in one or two campus buildings will be some initial efforts. Check back for more information and progress in this area.



Handheld electronics and accessories



Small Amount (1 pound or less) – send in Campus Mail: 152608

Large amount ?

Email recycling@facnet.ucla.edu for pick-up





Hazardous Waste (Includes chemicals, paint/paint cans, sharps and  lab waste)



For help disposing of Hazardous waste, contact EHS Hazardous Waste Management







Packaging Material



Put in large bin.

Large amounts (move related) – Submit a Facilities Service Request (FSR) for pick-up.(Click Here to Submit FSR)





Wood Pallets


wood pallet

Free Pick-up available.

Please contact recycling@facnet.ucla.edu for pick-up

Please note: 72 hours’ notice required.