Electronic Waste Pick-Up Instructions

Before you submit a form, please review the list of accepted and non-accepted materials here.

If you missed your scheduled time frame, you will need to reschedule your e-waste pick-up and submit another request form.  Buildings with loading docks are expected to bring all of their electronic waste to the loading dock.  Buildings without loading dock must bring their electronic waste to the curb.  For curb-side pick-ups, human-I-T will call you at the number entered on the form to meet you at the designated pick-up location to prevent equipment from being left out unsupervised.  Please click on the map linked below to find the nearest accepted pick-up location. Please notify in the comments if your equipment is too large and you are unable to bring the equipment to the designated pick-up location.  

Human-I-T comes to campus every Thursday.  To ensure that your request is processed, the deadline to submit your request for the following week’s pick-up is on Friday at 12pm of the current week. After your form has been submitted, a Facilities Management representative will contact you on Friday to confirm your pick-up time and location.   

While human-I-T will provide NIST800-88 data destruction which is HIPAA and Dept. of Defense compliant, it is recommended to clear all sensitive data prior to pick-up.

Click here for E-Waste Pick Up Locations

Click here to see the Accepted and Non-Accepted E-Waste List
The most common non-accepted item is household appliances, which include lamps, microwaves, refrigerators, and freezers.

Freezers, refrigerators, and other units containing Freon: due to recent changes, our vendor can no longer process units containing Freon. The Freon must be removed prior to disposal and must be completed by Facilities Management.  Please submit an FSR requesting ‘Freon Removal’.  Once you have a Work Order #, submit a bulky item Removal Form below and attach the Work Order # to the unit for removal. There will be no additional cost for removal of the actual unit.

Household batteries (AA, AAA, lithium, etc.) are also not accepted.  You can request a battery bucket below.  Printer ink toners/cartridges are also collected separately or you can send the empty ink back to the manufacturers if there is a take-back program.  Light bulbs are not considered e-waste – please submit an FSR for proper light bulb disposal.

Bulky Item/Furniture Pick-Up

Do you have bulky items, such as household appliances or furniture, that need to be removed?  Submit a request form below and Facilities will contact you to schedule your pick-up. Items in good condition will be donated to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles. Items more than gently will be recycled.  When scheduling your pick-up, please leave a note on the items acceptable for donation.  Please review the two links below for a guideline to donating goods.  Please note that recyclables such as large stacks of paper, books, or magazines do not constitute as a bulky item pick-up and will require an FSR. If you are unsure, please email photos of your items to ZeroWaste@ucla.edu.

Click here to see the Accepted and Non-Accepted Furniture List
Click here for a quick presentation on Donation Guidelines
The slides show examples of items in “good” and “resalable” condition.

If you have any questions, please email ZeroWaste@ucla.edu.