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Dine without a tray

Everyone is encouraged to dine tray-free at every meal!

Over 50 universities now have some trayless dining program in place. Many of these programs are reporting a reduction in food waste generated as well as reductions in energy and water consumption. Waste, water and energy audits were performed during the Hedrick pilot in Winter 2009. 6,300 gallons of water was saved in one month alone.

Everyone is highly encouraged to dine tray-free at every meal. Apart from the energy, water, and soap saved in washing fewer trays, people who dine without a tray are much more likely to waste less food.

Benefits of dining without a tray include:

  • -Reduced energy use, needed to heat water
  • -Reduced water use from washing
  • -Reduced food waste, as seen by many schools
  • -Reduced cleaning product use


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