Certified Green Restaurant®

UCLA Dining has 5 restaurants that are Green Restaurant Certified.

Rendezvous was the first UCLA restaurant to obtain a certification from the Green Restaurant Association. In 2012, Rendezvous received a three-star rating with 184.83 points.

Bruin Plate received a three-star rating in 2015 with 231.62 points, then received a four-star rating in 2017 with 309.08 points. Read more from the UCLA Newsroom!

Bruin Café received a three-star rating in 2018 with 201.48 points.

The Study at Hedrick received a three-star rating in 2019 with 190.21 points.

Cafe 1919 received a three star rating in 2019 with 175.56 points.

75% of the points resulted from:
  •  Vegan, vegetarian, organic, free range, cage-free, and local food
  •  Pre- and post-consumer composting and recycling
  •  Energy Star devices and other energy-saving measures

Learn more by searching under ‘Los Angeles’ at the GRA’s website!

The certification helps Housing & Hospitality Services reach goals within the Sustainability Plan:
  •  certifying one restaurant on the residential Hill, and
  •  meeting the UC Sustainable Practices Policy through purchasing, energy reduction, waste reduction, green cleaning, and sustainable food purchases.

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