A Message from Chancellor Block

A message from Chancellor Block to those with vehicles in structures 4 and 7

Dear Students, Staff, Faculty and Campus Guests:

Yesterday’s water main break created one of the more stressful days in recent memory for our campus community, and while we are relieved that nobody was hurt during the incident, I know that it was most upsetting for those of you whose vehicles are parked in structures 4 and 7. Making things especially challenging, safety precautions have kept many of you from getting to your vehicles to assess the possible damage. At this time, our best estimates indicate that 900 or more people have vehicles that are affected.

Standing water is still being pumped from parking structures 4 and 7, so please do not approach the structures. Because the garages are still unsafe for public access, vehicles will be moved to a safe location where you can retrieve them. We hope that this will take place in time for you to pick up your vehicles beginning on Friday, and we will ensure that the structures are secure before reopening them. UCLA Transportation will email you with further information as soon as possible, and you can visit UCLA Transportation’s Twitter feed for additional updates.

Students with vehicles that are damaged or inaccessible should know that we have asked academic departments to be flexible about accommodating the needs of those who can not get to class, attend final exams or complete assignments on time due to the flooding.

And for our staff members who can’t access to their vehicles, we are encouraging supervisors to be as accommodating as possible — to allow telecommuting or shift flexibility until the situation is resolved — and we are offering another day of administrative leave. Those who need to report to campus during the next few days may wish to visit UCLA Transportation’s website for information about alternative commuting options.

In addition, UCLA is providing counseling for students, staff and faculty affected by yesterday’s events. For more information, please visit the Counseling and Psychological Services (students) and Staff and Faculty Counseling Center websites. Students in need of emergency short-term loans also may contact our Loan Services Office.

Many members of our Bruin family have already stepped in to help those affected by the flooding — providing rides, lodging, meals and moral support. While the situation has been a major disruption to many of us, I know we will get through it together.


Gene D. Block