Flood Information

Updated 10:27 AM August 8th, 2014

New: Update from Chancellor Block

New: Photos of all vehicles at LOT 36 can be viewed here.

If you submitted your license plate information through the vehicle form but have not received communication from UCLA Transportation please contact Nurit Katz, Staff, Emergency Management Policy Group ASAP at sustainability@ucla.edu. If you have not submitted your vehicle info please contact Parking Services ASAP at 310-206-3884 during business hours.  

For your safety and well-being please do not go to the parking structures or surrounding areas. The structures may be closed for a few days for evaluation. Emergency personnel are onsite and will not grant access.

People have begun retrieving their cars.  As your vehicle becomes available for pick up you will receive an email with time and location you can do pick up. If you have insurance questions please visit this page from the Office of Insurance and Risk Management for detailed instructions.  

There is a facebook forum for students, staff and faculty affected by the flood to share information with each other including posting photos from the pick up lots and you can follow http://twitter.com/uclacommute for quick updates

STUDENTS: UCLA Student Affairs has created a “one-stop shop” at the Bruin Resource Center (BRC) for the next 2-3 days to provide assistance and referrals. The BRC is located in the Student Activities Center, #B44, and can be reached at (310) 825-3945; we will actively staff this line from 8:30am. to 5:00pm.

Daily Parking and Alternative Transportation

Parking Structures 4 and 7 permit holders are able to cross park in Parking Structures 2 and 3. Temporary permits can be obtained from Parking and Information Booths (K2 or K6). Alternative transportation information is available on this page. And UCLA Transportation is providing bus passes free of charge if you visit the UCLA Transportation office and bring your Bruin ID.

Students with Financial Need
Students in need of emergency short-term loans may contact the Loan Services Office.

Drought concerns: This is the worst drought in CA history, and losing 20 million gallons in a water main break is a disaster. UCLA was dedicated to water conservation before the flood and will continue to work hard to conserve. We are working with the UC President’s office and Governor’s office. Read more

In response to the flood aftermath Facilities Management has ensured protection of water quality in the Santa Monica Bay by eliminating water into the sewer system, rather than the storms drains. Removing flood water quickly remains a high priority and we will continue our efforts in conjunction with environmental protection.

If you would like to donate to relief efforts visit this page