Nobel Prize Summit: Our Planet, Our Future

Our future depends on our collective ability to become effective stewards of the global commons – the climate, ice, land, ocean, freshwater, forests, soils and rich diversity of life. The […]

Growing the Intersectional Environmental Movement

The national environmental movement has faced growing pressure to recognize that meaningful, enduring progress is more likely achieved through "big tent" organizing that reaches across social, economic, and racial justice […]

Coastalong Festival

Stay tuned by following @Coastalong on Instagram for their upcoming virtual music and sustainability festival on May 22, 2021! There will be live music, speakers, and events to foster the […]

UIC Summer Institute on Sustainability & Energy

About SISE The Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy (SISE) is usually described as an annual two-week "boot camp" on energy and sustainability — but it’s much more. SISE is a “we,” a […]