1. What goes in the recycling bin?

Everything that is accepted in the City of Santa Monica recycling program is acceptable for the UCLA commingled recycling bins. You can find more detailed information on the Recycling FAQ page 

2. Why doesn’t UCLA have more solar panels?

Solar panels are becoming more efficient and more affordable, however, most campuses are only able to afford solar through a financial tool called a Power Purchase Agreement or PPA (for example Caltech and UCSD. In a PPA the company or an investor owns the panels and sells the electricity to the campus or user at a per kWH rate. That way the campus does not need the upfront capital. Unfortunately, in the City of Los Angeles, the utility, LADWP is the only entity allowed to sell electricity. We are in discussions with LADWP and the Mayor’s office to try and find an alternative way to structure this type of agreement. In the meantime, we are doing smaller amounts of solar while focusing on energy efficiency and conservation as our main strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

3. How do I get to campus without a car?

UCLA Transportation has a comprehensive guide to smart commuting which can be found here. There are a wide variety of resources on the site, including subsidized transit passes for bus and rail, a comprehensive vanpool program, carpool matching, biking and walking resources, and car sharing.

4. How do I request a recycling bin for my office?

You can request additional bins by filling out the Recycling Bin Request Form.

5. How can I get involved in sustainability at UCLA?

Please see this page for more information about getting involved. There are many different programs for students, staff, and faculty at UCLA to be a part of sustainability at UCLA.

Have additional questions? Email sustainability@ucla.edu or call 310-206-6667