Kikei Wong

Kikei Wong
Zero Waste Coordinator
(310) 206-4993 

Kikei Wong is the Zero Waste Coordinator of UCLA, helping the campus achieve the initiative to send zero waste to the landfill by 2020.  Her passion for sustainability comes from a strong sense of duty to protect the environment that we live in and to coexist with nature.  The ocean is one of her biggest inspirations and is a constant reminder of the work that can be done to move towards a more sustainable future.

She has multiple years of experience in the solid waste industry working with waste haulers to help customers be in compliance with city and state sustainability laws.  Kikei has worked closely with public officials and city staff to provide outreach and education as well as technical support to commercial businesses of all kinds, from casinos to cemeteries.

If there was such a thing as professional dumpster diving, Kikei would gladly hold that title.  She is not afraid to get her hands dirty if it will further sustainability education and understanding.  Kikei is happiest when she can make a positive difference in her surroundings.  She was a member of the Daly City Host Lions Club and of the Daly City Public Library Associates, volunteering her time supporting the community.  Her personal interests include trying new foods, playing video games, and staying active.

Kikei holds a BS in Environmental Science and Management with an emphasis on Ecology, Biodiversity, and Conservation from UC Davis.  She is always willing to learn something new and will always have an open heart, mind, and ears.