Zero Waste Ambassadors

By: Carol Lin

Welcome to our zero waste blogs series!

We are UCLA’s Zero Waste Ambassadors, a group of UCLA students passionate about living sustainably and decreasing our environmental footprint. For the next couple months, we will be posting crafts and story time sessions for young children that focus on the importance of environmental protection. Join us on our worldwide journey as we visit different habitats including the jungle, oceans, and so many more! We will be visiting a new habitat weekly, so there will always be fun new crafts to do!

Check back on weekdays for new activities and information about what materials to begin collecting for the upcoming week’s crafts. We have sorted crafts into three age levels which are depicted by diamonds.

This week, to prepare for our trip, we will start out by teaching everyone how to make a DIY face mask so we can make sure we stay safe and healthy. For this craft you will need:

  • A hair tie/rubber band
  • A bandana or old t-shirt

Next week we will be traveling to the Jungle! Here’s what you should collect for next week’s crafts!

Craft #1: Paper Chain Snakes

  • Old magazines

Craft #2: Magazine Butterflies

  • Old magazines
  • Pipe cleaners (or twist ties, paper clip, fabric)

Craft #3: Toilet Paper Bamboo

  • Paper towel or toilet paper tubes
  • Scrap paper
  • Old batteries