Have thoughts or feedback about sustainability and Housing and Dining at UCLA? Let us know! Your contributions are very important and really are taken into consideration with future changes.

Making Your Voice Heard on the Hill

Ask Housing

Find answers to questions about what Housing is doing to go green. Ask us if you have others!

H&HS Question and Comment Form

Suggest or ask anything regarding sustainability in Housing & Hospitality Services on a Question and Comment Form.

UCLA Dining Services Customer Feedback Form

Provide direct feedback to UCLA Dining Services through their survey form on residential dining at UCLA.

Policy Review Board (On-Campus Housing Council)

Feedback taken to the Policy Review Board (PRB) gets heavily considered. Individuals can have their suggestions reach the Policy Review Board by speaking with their floor government team, who will speak with their Residential Community’s Dining & Environment (D&E) representative—the student representatives participating in the PRB meetings.

Read the Meeting Minutes. You will be able to see how your suggestion has been received and what possible policy changes might arise, and is an additional medium of accountability from the PRB.